About the Project

Lifeword Media Ministries wanted a responsive and interactive website which had video on demand catering to an audience interested in the religious and the spiritual. Clasticon was able to satisfy the requirement of the company in full with the website designed.


  1. Watch Video, Audio & Documents
  2. Downloadable resources,
  3. Closed Captions
  4. Multiple API Integration
  5. Multiple RSS Feeds
  6. Multisite Functionality
  7. Upto 40 Languages in native style
  8. 5,000 Videos, Audios & Docs
  9. Open Access – free video watch
  10. Advanced Share
  11. Blog
  12. Embedded Search
  13. Embed Media feature

Date: 2016

The site has been catering to a religious and spiritual audience with the pleasant and insightful videos on the website. However, the user experience which the site provided came as an end result of some hard work that went behind it.

Lifeword wanted at least 40 Language sites with their own language menus.

This was made possible, with changes made to the backend.
Since there were 40 languages, it was decided that the media content would be handled by the respective language contributors. New roles were created to smoothen the process. The roles of media manager and media approver were introduced.
The media manager uploads the media in their languages. But, will not be permitted to do anything other than upload.
The media approver runs through the content uploaded and suitably approve or reject the content.
Once approved, the media publishing would be done by “Super Administrator” or respective “Administrator” of that particular language.

Also, all media content and site blog pages are being fed into multiple feeds suitable for AIR Programs, Apple TV, APP platforms multiple other peer level organizations for mass reach.

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