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About the Project

Matrix Metals is a subsidiary of the Chennai based Sanmar Group which has diversified interests in chemicals, engineering and shipping. Matrix Metals has been sourcing castings from Sanmar group for last several years and has three plants – two in the US and one in Mexico.

Matrix Metals approached Clasticon Solutions to revamp its web presence. To start with, a responsive B2B website was designed and developed by Clasticon. It was well received by the client and its customers. The client was really pleased with the fact that the new website got them orders from hitherto untapped markets. They wanted to target different geographies and the work is in progress in running targeted campaigns in the US, India and Mexico markets.


  1. Design and development of the Matrix Metals website.
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Google Adwords campaign
  4. Social media campaign

Date: 2019

Solution: In a company that has made its sales primarily through cold calling and referrals from existing clients, this was definitely a paradigm shift in their approcah to marketing.

SEO efforts of Clasticon had increased website visits and reduced dependence on the parent company Sanmar Group for employment related visits and increased business related visits to the site. In fact, the number of visits from the US market to the website is higher than from the Indian market now.

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