The Meditube

About the Project

TMT Media  wanted a responsive and interactive website which had video on demand catering to an audience of doctors to simplify medical education using the latest technology. Clasticon was able to satisfy the requirement with the website designed and developed exclusively for the purpose.


  1. Library purchase for  a specific duration
  2. Video Watching time recording
  3. Subscription Model
  4. Advanced Search
  5. Bookmark Videos
  6. Live user’s Tracking
  7. 10,000 users
  8. 25,000 Videos
  9. Coupon Marketing
  10. Discount Sales
  11. Referral Points
  12. Gift Sections
  13. Open Access – free video watch
  14. Multiple Entry Access
  15. Social Media Logins
  16. Multiple Currency Payments
  17. Video Content, Media & Speaker Reviews

Date: 2016

Solution: With the Meditube website, doctors can explore over 10,000 videos, listen to over 4,000 speakers. You can explore a variety of CME videos by choosing your specialty from over 300 CME partners. The website offers the widest variety of videos from which the doctors can pick what they like and play it anywhere, anytime. The whole engagement is on a need based customisation leading to a proactive engagement. In short, it is the youtube of the medical profession.

Some of the features (given below) added to the site were thought out to address challenges faced by the client.

  • Marketing to doctors was a challenge as they wanted to view the content before purchase. Based on this feedback, the backend was developed to show personalised videos to the doctor by a controlled mechanism only using his email id.
  • When doctors felt there were too many clicks to buy their library, the backend was developed by getting everything pre-loaded into cart/checkout page to ensure that the doctors had to make the payment alone.
  • Carry forward of existing unused minutes of their subscriptions were accumulated ad shared with subscribers to encourage their viewing activity.
  • All subscriber movement within the site can be tracked for providing them with an even more personalised experience.

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