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Here’s how we work!

At Clasticon, we power great design with technology and customized digital marketing strategies. We develop solutions that don’t just look good, but work hard at gathering eyeballs, engaging your visitors and powering your Google ranking. For us, design is a science. Starting from the colour palette, information architecture and content strategy, App design and online marketing to web development, each decision is tested against a single question – “Will this strengthen our client’s brand?”

This approach ensures that we focus on our clients’ interests at every stage of digital marketing and design, irrespective of passing fads.

Our client focus has reaped rich dividends in designing and developing for both domestic international clientele. Our reliability has had an important side effect for the clients – peace of mind. An assurance arising out of our longevity in the business. Take a closer look at our stats. Over 70% of our business comes from repeat orders or due to recommendations by our existing clients. We couldn’t have asked for better testimonials than that now, could we?!

Developing solutions
with two decades of
business expertise

Makesh Mytran


Makesh Mytran has been in the advertising industry for more than 3 dacades. He carries with him a rich experience of working on several award-winning campaigns. But passion for art gave way to client servicing along the way. Needless to mention, he is the backbone behind Clasticon’s Project Management and Client interaction.

Santhosh AG


Synonymous with the term ‘design’ Santhosh is responsible for the look and feel of all our work. With his in-depth insights on design combined with 3 decades of experience in this field, he is in-charge of concept development, web & multimedia design, photography and video.

Our Process

The different stages in the process for the delivery of the proposed solution are summarized below:

First, we estimate

Our Business Development Team understands your requirements in detail and draws a customized plan outlining the necessary services and the associated costs. We then present to you the proposal, understanding that some of the specifications may need to be fine-tuned before a final agreement can be reached.

Specification and Prototyping

Immediately following the acceptance of this proposal, Clasticon will work towards arriving at the detailed specification of the website. A prototype of the solution will be prepared to fine tune the specifications in greater detail.

Branding and User Experience

Keeping all the mediums, touch points and usability our designs are strategized. Whether it is marketing collaterals, mobile apps, web applications, or multi‑platform digital experiences. The result is an action plan on executing a holisticbrand and user experience.


Following confirmation of the specification of the website, its development will commence. During this stage, multiple rounds of quality assurance and quality control checks will be performed to ensure quality of all deliverables.

Unit level Testing

The solution is deployed on an internal server and tested thoroughly at unit level aswell as module level. Once this is completed, the product is considered ready for deployment into a production environment.

Integrated Testing

During this phase, all the individual components are combined together and tested to be in synchronization with the requirements specified.


The product will be deployed online for testing once it is completely developed and the final rounds of internal Quality Checks (QC) are over.The Production and StagingServers are both setup and deployed and the PC-based GUI AdministrationApplication is configured to manage them.

Digital Marketing

Once the website is deployed, we optimise the site for organic search (SEO). We work within the purview of what is available with you, our client and take ownership. We suggest changes, after careful consideration, which is why, our solutions create more leads and revenues. If required, we do the complete digital marketing services to reach your product and services to the right audience.