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Our Process

The different stages in the process for the delivery of the proposed solution are summarized below:

First, we estimate:
Our Business Development Team understands your requirements in detail and draws
a customized plan outlining the necessary services and the associated costs. We then present to you the proposal, understanding that some of the specifications may need to be fine tuned before a final agreement can be reached.


Specification and Prototyping:
Immediately following the acceptance of this proposal, Clasticon will work towards arriving at the detailed specification of the website. A prototype of the solution will be prepared to fine tune the specifications in greater detail.


Following confirmation of the specification of the website, its development will commence. During this stage, multiple rounds of quality assurance and quality control checks will be performed to ensure quality of all deliverables.


Unit level Testing :
The solution is deployed on an internal server and tested thoroughly at unit level as
well as module level. Once this is completed, the product is considered ready for deployment into a production environment.

Integrated Testing:
During this phase, all the individual components are combined together and tested to
be in synchronization with the requirements specified.


The product will be deployed online for testing once it is completely developed and the final rounds of internal Quality Checks (QC) are over.The Production and Staging
Servers are both setup and deployed and the PC-based GUI Administration
Application is configured to manage them.

Why Clasticon?
We have extensive experience in both technology and design, having developed
captivating interfaces,
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