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Search Engine Optimization No matter how aesthetically pleasing your website may be, if it is not SEO-optimized, it doesn’t exist! After all, what good is a website if it doesn’t appear on the first page of Google search for relevant keywords? Given the current digital clutter, it becomes imperative that we use safe and well-rounded practises
Pay-per-click Marketing PPC works very well in conjunction with our SEO services to deliver new streams of profitable, quality web traffic to your site. It is also time-consuming and expensive. However, those who know the tricks of the trade, know how to gain the maximum ROI from every click.
Social Media Marketing You’ve got to love Social Media Marketing. After all, no other medium allows you to engage with your target audience as much as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or other myriad platforms while at the same time providing business opportunities. To make your marketing campaign succeed, you need to drill down to details such as identifying your marketing objectives, identifying ideal customers and choose appropriate channels. Contact us today to make the best of it.
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Content Marketing As they say, the web is nothing but content and content is the web. Content marketing will work for you, whether you are big or small, whether it involves infographics, articles, blog posts, or videos. We create engaging content custom tailored to your user base.
Email Marketing Are your carefully drafted and designed emails gaining you reputation as an industry expert or being labelled a nuisance? Sure, email marketing is cost effective and can ensure high ROI. But with our proven experience in creating great content for emailers and pushing out close to 1crore mailers every month, you won’t find a partner more ideally suited for email marketing.
Landing page / Banner creation The often neglected and less glamorous cousins of the above mentioned services is the landing page and the banners creation. The success of every good digital marketing campaign depends on a dynamic and responsive landing page. We specialise in designing and developing landing pages that convert your interested visitor into the most coveted lead.
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Growth Hacks: 01
Growth Hacks: 01 FMCG Organic Dairy Products Producer
Backgound : Our Client, a newly launched Organic Dairy products company serving up pure organic milk and other dairy products under an eponymous brand name, had great products in hand, but the challenge was to build the brand from scratch and scale up with the marketing plan.

Solution : Our Client decided to do some print advertising to create a splash, but opted for digital marketing strategies to sustain and grow the brand in the market. They opted for SEO and Social Media Marketing with Clasticon.

Result : The site has consistently been ranked in the page 1 with 1st or 2nd rank for keywords like organic milk, organic milk Chennai, milk Chennai etc., and the number of leads to their site through social media and other channels has started with a bang of 1032 visitors per day stabilising at 90 visitors per day over the months. The client has been so enthused with the results that they have gone for a phased launch of the organic milk and milk related products NATIONALLY

Next : Real Estate
Client Speak “Our transition from an unknown brand to a leader in the Chennai organic milk segment has been a dream come true. Clasticon has been travelling with us hand-in-hand in this wonderful journey. The response we received from the market for our Facebook campaign was amazing. This has given us the confidence to go national. Good show Clasticon. Way to go!”
Growth Hacks: 02
Growth Hacks: 02 Real Estate Apartments, Property Developer
Backgound : Our client’s under construction project with 781 apartments needed to source more customers. After undertaking huge spends on offline media, they had not got the number of leads they were expecting. Tie-ups with real estate portals gave quantity but not quality leads.

Solution : Clasticon initiated a digital marketing campaign to increase genuine leads from the market and also better lead conversion. The start was a baby step, as they were not willing to invest too much into it. So, we started with an initial minimum budget. The amount was invested in Social Media Marketing, Google search and display ads. The results belied all their expectations, and the next month’s budget was, a 10 fold increase. Clasticon also started a re-marketing campaign for them resulting in an extremely successful targeting of bounced audience, who had not completed their enquiries. This led to a double benefit of leads and also to improve brand salience.

Result : During the campaign spanning 5 months, we have garnered over 1000 leads for our client.

Next : Consumer Electronics
Client Speak “To start with we were not very enthusiastic about online marketing and we were not very optimistic about the outcome. I am glad to say that our social media marketing and search and display ads efforts have performed way beyond our expectations. This has energised us and we plan to increase our spends in digital space considerably.”
Growth Hacks: 03
Growth Hacks: 03 Consumer Electronics Rural Distributor for Branded Electronics
Backgound : Our Client had come up with a very novel and innovative concept for targeting the rural markets. But there was a disconnect between big companies and rural customers in terms of last mile connectivity.

Solution : Clasticon designed and developed a back end support system for our client which helped connect big brands with rural customers. Our client also wanted to use Clasticon’s services for finding franchisees for its operation in the rural hinterland. A Facebook campaign was conceived and executed targeting Class B towns in districts surrounding Nagpur, Maharashtra. The creatives were specially designed to attract people with space and money to start a business in their own village.

Result : The campaign brought in 20 enquiries within the 1st week.

Next : Education
Client Speak “Our brand would have been just a gleam in my eye, if not for Clasticon, which helped convert the dream into a reality. By narrowly targeting the rural areas around Nagpur, Clasticon has proved that Facebook is not just an urban phenomenon, but can also be used to target rural markets effectively.”
Growth Hacks: 04
Growth Hacks: 04 Education Film Institute in Chennai
Backgound : Clasticon designed and developed a responsive website the Client, a reputed Film Institute in Chennai, founded by a renowned cinematographer and respected entity in the film industry. They had introduced a new acting course with faculty from various fields of cinema. In spite of a high profile launch and publicity, the enquiries were not up to their expectations.

Solution : Clasticon ran a Facebook campaign for them, targeting young adults in the four southern states.

Result : We received 140 enquiries from the campaign for a minimal budget.

Next : Medical Equipment
Client Speak ““Clasticon’s social media campaign made a grand success of our acting course. We were concerned about the response for the course, in spite of the high profile launch of the one-of-its-kind course. The social media campaign accurately targeted our core audience and received a big thumbs up in the process.”
Growth Hacks: 05
Growth Hacks: 05 Medical Equipment Manufacturer and Distributor
Backgound : Our Client competes with the likes of GE in the infant care and maternal care equipment, was looking to increase international traffic to its website and subsequent conversions from the current 10 to 20% of the total traffic.

Solution : Clasticon suggested conducting an SEO Audit and addressed the issues targeting specific keywords, ensuring that the website was up to International standards providing toll free numbers, international testimonials and contact addresses. Clasticon also developed a Spanish version of the client’s website.

Result : This has resulted in the international traffic to the site to increase by 500% during the course of two years.

Client Speak “We couldn’t have achieved what we did, in terms of increasing international traffic to our website without the SEO campaign run by Clasticon. Today, We are taking on MNCs in the international arena thanks to the SEO support.”
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